What Is Yield Farming?


Rewards are paid out in the form of one or more tokens that can then also be deposited in other liquidity pools for users to get further rewards.


One of the most important distinctions between farming and staking is the heightened risk inherent. First and foremost, we are referring to the risk of Impermanent loss.


As previously mentioned, rewards for farming are accrued constantly, but they do not immediately become available for withdrawal. The distribution of rewards on FlatQube is done in accordance with a Vesting mechanism.

  • now (the current time)
  • lCT — lastClaimTime (time of the last claim)
  • vP- vestingPeriod
  • pVI — partlyVestedInterval (partial vesting period)
  • fVI — fullVestedInterval (entire vesting period)



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flatqube.io is an Everscale powered DEX and farming hub developed by Broxus