Farming Guide for FlatQube

6 min readMar 17, 2022


Farming Guide

Let’s take a detailed look at all the steps to go through in order to start earning via farming on FlatQube.


  1. Install the Ever Wallet. In order to use FlatQube, you will have to deploy your wallet. You can find detailed instructions for that in the official guide.
  2. Due to blockchain commissions, on FlatQube we only use the wrapped version of EVER, which is wEVER. If you want to use your EVER for a swap or as one part of a token pair, you can wrap your tokens here:
  3. Connect your EVER Wallet to FlatQube by clicking Connect to a Wallet.
  4. Go to the Pools tab and connect your account by clicking the corresponding button.

Now you can move on to the following.

Receiving LP tokens.

In order to start farming, you will need LP tokens. LP tokens are proof that you have supplied liquidity to a certain pool.

There are several ways to go to the page for adding liquidity to a pair:

  1. Go to the Pairs section and then go to the page of the desired pair by clicking on the appropriate pair and then Add liquidity:

2. In the Pool section, select New position. Choose the left and right token that will form your pair.

First of all, you need to connect the pool to your Dex account. To do this, click Connect Pool and confirm the transaction. This action must be performed once for each new pool.

To get started, enter the amount of tokens you wish to add to the pool. You can enter the amount of either the left or right token, and the required amount of the second token will be calculated automatically at the current FlatQube rate.

You can also use the auto exchange feature if you want to use one token for One-sided liquidity provision.

After entering the amount, you will see how much your Pool share will change, as well as the ratio of the price of tokens.

Now you need to deposit tokens. Click Deposit and confirm the transaction in EVER Wallet.

After a successful deposit of the left token, do the same for the right one:

And here we are almost at the finish line — now it is necessary to produce Supply. This operation will also require confirmation.

After the successful completion of the Supply stage, you will see a Supply receipt window.

Here you will find your current Pool share and the percentage by which it was increased by this transaction, as well as the number of received LP tokens.

Deposit LP tokens to farming pools

Let’s assume that we already have the LP tokens.

In this case, we can start yield farming.

  1. Go to the page of your desired Farming pool.
  2. In the Farming balance block, enter the amount of LP tokens that you want to lock in farming.
  3. Click Deposit and confirm the transaction in your EVER Wallet.
  4. After the transaction is completed, the pool page will change and you will see a new block — My farming performance.




Claim reward

As you go through vesting, the Entitled reward will be gradually unlocked and sent to your Unclaimed reward, from where it can be withdrawn from your Dex account balance at any time.

The amount of Unclaimed tokens can be seen in the Reward balance block on the farming pool page. You can withdraw these tokens to your Dex account balance on the same page in the Farming balance block.

Сlick Claim and confirm the transaction in your EVER Wallet. In this case, all Unclaimed tokens will be withdrawn.

Upon completion of the transaction, you will see that your Unclaimed reward balance will be reset, and the reward will be credited to your Dex account balance.

How to withdraw farming tokens

In order to withdraw your farming LP tokens from the farming pool, go to the farming page of the pool in question. The total number of your locked farming tokens in this pool and their dollar equivalent are displayed in the Farming balance block.

In the Withdraw block, select Withdraw LP tokens.

Enter the amount of farming tokens you want to withdraw and click Withdraw.

After confirming the transaction in your EVER Wallet, please wait a bit. Once the transaction has been completed, you will see that your Farming balance has changed — LP tokens have been successfully withdrawn and are now stored on your DEX account balance.

How to withdraw tokens from LP

In order to withdraw your tokens from the liquidity pool, you need to go to the Remove liquidity page. You can do this in two ways:

  1. Open the Pools section and select Remove Liquidity in the upper right corner. Then select the left and right token of the pair.

2. In the Pools section, go to the Pool page of the desired pair by clicking on it. Then click Burn Liquidity under Your balance block.

In both cases, you will end up on the Remove Liquidity page for the selected pair.

Here you can see your Pool Share as well as the exact amount of tokens that make up your liquidity.

In order to withdraw liquidity from the pool, enter the amount of LP tokens to burn. In this case, you will see the number of tokens that will return to your balance after this process is completed. At the bottom, your updated Pool share and the number of tokens that will remain locked in the pool will be displayed.

Click Confirm to start the process of unlocking the tokens.

After confirming the transaction, you just have to wait for its execution. After the transaction is completed, you will see the Transaction submitted window. By clicking on View on TON Scan, you can go to the page of this transaction in the blockchain explorer.



FlatQube is an Everscale powered DEX and farming hub developed by Broxus